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Unit Game

Join us for our Unit Game on Sunday May 26th at 12:30pm

4-Suit Transfers

After opening a strong 1NT, with the basic structure provided by Gerry Bare Gerry plays 1NT-2NT as a natural and invitational bid (using Stayman for this just gives the opponentsinformation on how to lead and defend). 1NT-3D is played natural and invitational. Minor 2-suiters areshown by bidding 1NT-3H or 3S; showing 5-4 in minors (with […]

Team Game


Joing us for our Team Game Sunday Apr 21st at 12:30pm Sign up!

Club Championship

Joing us for our Club Championship game on Monday May 13th at 12:30pm Sign up!


Join us for our Royal STaC Sunday May 6-11th at 12:30pm Sign up!