4782 Pacific Coast Hwy Long Beach CA 90804 | 562.498.8113

What you must do to play:

*Open a BBO account and let Hank know your username. That’s free.
If you already have a username, you can just show up game day.

*Set up an account in BBO to pay the $5 per day fee. You may pre pay any amount you choose.

*You must have a partner. If you need a partner, let Hank know by email or text: 562-335-0662.   I’ll do my best.

*About 9:15 (or up to 2 hours before game time), log into BBO. Click on “Competitive”, then click on “ACBL Virtual Clubs”. Make sure you’re on “Pending” and not on “Running” or “Complete”. Scroll down till you see Hank and Fern. I think you can do a search for ACBL #163246. Click on that line and you’ll see a place for your partner’s username. One partner invites, the other partner accepts. You and partner must be both logged into BBO! You have an option to pay for your partner or you can pay separately.

*Do not click on anything that says “robots”.