4782 Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach 90803|562.498.8113

Sign up information:  What you must have to play. 

1) The cost is $5 per player.  You must open a BBO$ (Bridge Base Online $ account) in order to pay the fee.  Go on BBO, Look for BBO$ tab.
2) You and partner’s usernames on BBO must be on my list.  If you haven’t played with us recently, tell me the usernames in advance.
3)   If you’re going to link with us for Zoom, it may be best to do that first… at 9:15.  Wait to be admitted, then we can talk.  Once the game begins, players will mute themselves.  If you must speak, hold the spacebar down while you speak.  Remember you’re speaking to Everyone!  A simple “help at table 3 please” is about all we should hear. I will be using the Zoom voice for instructions or explanations.  
4) Once you’re on Zoom, minimize the screen so the audio can work in the background. The Zoom link is: https://zoom.us/j/80566522086  Remember it may take a minute to be checked in.  I’ll be on before 9:15.
 5) Now log onto BBO by 9:20.  You and partner need to coordinate the time. Go to competitive then go to ACBL Virtual Clubs.  Make sure the pending tab is underlined.  Find Hank and Fern in the tournament description.  Note:  The “Host” will not be WHD01. The “Host” will be VACB163246.
Click on that line and you’ll be asked to type in your partner’s username.  Partner will need to be logged in to accept.  Now wait.
6)  This is a 0-99 master point game.  Masterpoints will be awarded.  If you do not have an ACBL number, BBO should hold your points should you join later.
7) There are NO UNDOS allowed by the system this time. You May set your own console to double check… Did you mean to bid 1S?Avoid misclicks!
8) Following each round, I will halt play to address questions.  Learn the correct bidding!  
9) QUESTIONS ON BIDDING will be allowed through director call… or Zoom voice if necessary to get our attention.
10) Big change!  If there is an odd pair, I can fill in a robot team so no one gets dropped.  (Sorry, again Leo and Margaret)
11) If you are looking for a partner, check with Fern and I. Earlier is better.
12) I do not need to hear from you, except if I need your username, until 9:15 on either/or Monday or Tuesday.