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Two-way New Minor Forcing

Mignocchi/Savage Version

One-of-a-Minor – pass – One-of-a-Major – pass – 1NT; pass – Two-of-the-Other-Minor is usually used as New Minor Forcing. This bid is used to find out Opener’s major suit length, the exact strength of his hand and sometimes to set up further forcing bids by Responder. New Minor Forcing shows invitational or better values and usually implies a five-card major suit. Two-way New Minor Forcing (only used by non-passed hands) uses both minors as artificial bids; 2C for all invitational hands and 2D for all game forcing hands, regardless of what minor was opened. This allows precise descriptions of responder’s hand over 2C and unhurried, forcing bidding over 2D.
After One-of-a-Minor – One-of-a Major – 1NT:
1. 2 Clubs = Always shows an invitational hand and requests Opener to rebid 2D. 2 Diamonds = Forced bid on any hand that would be willing to play 2D if it’s passed
   Pass = Shows a very weak hand, usually with six diamonds and four of the major.
   2 of the other major = Game invitational with both majors.
   2 of Responder’s major = Game invitational with a 5-card suit.
   2NT = Game invitational with 4-cards in your bid major & five of opener’s minor.
   3 Clubs = Game invitational with 5-cards in your bid major and five clubs.
   3 Diamonds = Game invitational with 5-cards in your bid major & five diamonds.
   3 Hearts (after 1S – 1NT) = Highly invitational with 5-5 in the majors.
   3 Hearts (after 1H – 1NT) = Game invitational with 6 hearts.
   3 Spades (after 1S – 1NT) = Game invitational with 6 spades.
   2 of Bid Major (Optional) = Shows 3-card support and a maximum with good trumps.

2. 2 Diamonds = Always shows a game forcing hand.
Responses: Opener should bid naturally to show his precise shape.

   Over 1C(1D) pass 1S pass 1NT pass 2D:
   2H = Shows four hearts, may have three spades.
  2S = Shows three spades and denies four hearts.
  2NT = Denies three spades or four hearts (2344 or 2335/2353).
  3C/3D = Rebidding Opener’s suit shows a good suit, usually 2335/2353.
  Over 1C(1D) pass 1H pass 1NT pass 2D:
  2H = Shows three hearts and a minimum.
  2NT = Denies three hearts (3244 or 3253/3235).
  3C/3D = Rebidding Opener’s suit shows a good suit, usually 3235/3253.

3. 2H 2S = Both must be passed – except after 1m-1S-1NT-2H, you can pass or bid 2S.
  2NT = Natural and invitational. Denies a 5-card major and shows a balanced hand.
4. Jumps to Three of a Suit. Jumps to the three level should be reserved for well-defined hands, with at least some slam interest and showing good quality suits. There is one exception to this: a jump to 3C after a 1NT rebid shows six clubs, four of the major and asks partner to pass. Examples: 1C-1H-1NT-3D = Slam interest with at least 5-5 with good suits.

Two-wayNew Minor Forcing

1D-1S-1NT-3S = Slam interest with a great suit of at least six cards in length.
1C-1S-1NT-3H = Slam interest with at least 5-5 with good suits.

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