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Balancing Cappelletti/Hamilton

Balancing Cappellitti/Hamilton by Mike Savage Here is a simple tweak to increase the efficacy of Cappelletti/Hamilton in the pass-out seat – use Double to show the one-suited hand and 2C to show both minors. When you are in the balancing seat, after passing originally or even as a non-passed hand, you almost never will want […]

2/1 Basic Principles

2/1 Basic Principles by Mike Savage In most cases it utilizes the same bidding structure as Standard American except when the bidding goes one of a suit-pass-and a non-jump 2-level response (1D-p-2C, 1H-p-2C or 2D, 1S-p-2C, 2D or 2H)  #1 After partner opens the bidding 1D, 1H or 1S, a bid of 2C/2D or 2H […]

Balancing Michaels

Balancing Michaels Bare/Savage Version by Mike Savage A standard Michaels cue-bid occurs immediately after your RHO has opened one of a suit. You might have a pre-emptive hand (the norm) or you might have a much better hand. But what about a Michaels cue-bid in the balancing (pass-out) seat? You surely wouldn’t use it with […]

Rebids and Responses

Rebids and Responses after 2C followed by a negative 2H bid by responder By Mike Savage & Nick Martino A lot of partnerships play that a 2D response to a strong 2C is waiting but positive. If so, with a very weak hand, responder will bid 2H which some play shows no ace or king […]

Method to Handle Weak Minor

A Simple Method to Handle Weak Minor 1-suited Hands and Weak or Strong Minor 2-suited Hands After Your Partner Opens 1NT By Mike Savage If you want a simple but effective method, after a 1NT opener by partner, to find your best minor suit contract with a weak hand with either both minors or just […]

6 Key Roman Key Card

6 Key Roman Key Card Asking for Controls When You Have a Two-Suit Fit. A Version Showing the Higher Queen First. Presented by Mike Savage When your partnership has discovered a fit in two suits, such as 1S-2H 3H-3S or 1D-2C 3C-3D and you want to use Roman Key-card to check for controls, the kings […]

4 Suit Transfers

4 Suit Transfers After opening a strong 1NT, with the basic structure provided by Gerry Bare including Jeff Fang’s minor revision, presented by Mike Savage In Gerry’s structure 1NT-2NT is natural and invitational (using Stayman for this just gives the opponents information on how to lead and defend). 1NT-3D is played natural and invitational. Minor […]

4th Suit by Responder

Most experts play that if the auction goes without interference: 1C-1H-2D-2S, 1C-1S-2D-2H & for some 1C-1D-1H-1S, bidding 4th suit is weak (usually)


XYZ is somewhat similar to New Minor Forcing or Two-way New Minor Forcing.